About the musical

A brother and sister are forced to leave their home country. She wants the same rights as a man. He just wants to love one. They arrive on the lower East side of Manhattan, finding lodging and work in a hotel. Unknown to them, the hotel is actually a front for a gang run brothel. Little by little the brother and sister move toward what they desire most. Little by little, each are lured deeper into the dirty dealings of the hotel, a place so corrupt the only way working girls can checkout is by swallowing Carbolic acid. It’s New York City in 1902. And this is McGurk’s Suicide Hall, a fictional account of actual events.

About the writers

Book and Libretto - Evan Edwards

Composer -Jeneen Terrana


1. Slumming

2. Wonderful New Life

3. When Do I

4. Who's Next

5. His Real Name Isn't John

6. Just Breathe

7. That's Life

8. The Quartet

9. I Feel

10 A Chance in Hell

11. Touch Any Star

12. The Lies

13. Let's Play, Doctor

14. The Past

15. Paying the Devil

Photo Gallery

Some pictures from the last staged reading rehearsals and performance at the  Emerging Artist Theater in New York, NY.

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For more information or to license McGurk's, please send an e-mail to McGurkssuicidehall@gmail.com